New Products

INOXCVA is proud to offer the new LNG Mobile Delivery System, which allows for expansion of LNG fuel-dependent operations where permanent fueling stations do not exist. This solves for lagging infrastructure and allows companies to continue expansion of their LNG-powered fleets and conversion away from diesel. This system also provides an opportunity for service companies looking to offer fleet refueling services during fleet downtime.


  • Controlled by programmable ladder logic controller(PLC)
  • Operator-friendly instruction screens, pump messages, and helpful information screens
  • Product saturation mode and a quick saturation check prior to each delivery
  • Pressure building circuit pressure control
  • Meter cool down monitoring
  • Pump subcook pressure control (Pump won't start if insufficient NPSH)
  • Micro motion corilois type 1" flow meter
  • 24 VDC pnuematic controlled gate values
  • Tank & pump discharge pressure transducers
  • DP liquid level transducer (Pump will shut off at min level to keep pump submerged)
  • Pump control and protection features designed into software
  • PLC will auto shop the fill operation
  • Air pressure monitoring
  • Flow meter pre-chill cycle

Tank Specifications
  • Tank Length : 295 1/2"
  • Tank Diameter : 92"
  • Water Capacity : 6,00 US Gallons
  • Product Service : LNG
  • Evaropration Rate : .50% in 24 Hours (LIN)
  • Service Temperature : – 260 Deg F.
  • Max Allowable Working Pressure : 175 PSIG

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