Portacryo Micro-Bulk



Favored overseas for years, Portacryo is now available for immediate delivery from InoxCVA’s facilities in Texas. Portacryos are ideal for small to medium users with cryogenic liquid or gas applications. They are typically used at hospitals, laboratories, chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, electronic industries, in remote purging facilities, and similar applications. The smallest 1,000 liter Portacryo is equivalent to roughly 100 gas cylinders, offering a convenient and economical alternative. Portacryos require less floor space than cylinders, are easier to move and transport, and deliver gas at constant pressure without high-pressure risk. Portacryos are available in four models from 1,000 to 3,000 liter capacities to best fit for the customer’s application. Standard Portacryo features include: easy to read liquid level gauge, dual safety valves, separate top and bottom fill lines, easy handling options, ability to be filled on site, and they perform the duties of a typical cold converter customer station with combined pressure build and economizer.

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