LNG Transport Trailer



These trailers are optimized for maximum payload and durability in difficult terrain. Their rugged design is ideal for rough road conditions. Our insulation installation methods ensure increased efficiency and less loss of product. Pipe work on these trailers is designed ergonomically to provide ease of access and operation while decreasing maintenance needs. Pneumatic and mechanical suspension systems provide for operator comfort as well as increasing safety. The high quality surface and paint finish allows your logo to be easily seen, increasing brand recognition and giving added value everywhere your trailer rolls. CVA manufactures these trailers with a variety of options available. Sizing and capacities can be customized to meet customer need. We will be pleased to customize the options you require. We build our trailers to carry large payloads and accommodate a variety of pump and drive types.

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503 Chiles Industrial Park
39015 Highway 2A
Red Deer County, Alberta
T4S 2A3
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Xla'an Road
Xlanghe Economic Development Zone
Hebel Province 065402
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9528 Warren Rd
Mont Belvieu
TX 77580.
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1301 Transport Drive
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